Don’t send off that letter to Santa just yet, the year’s not done and the gems are still falling from the sky including this, which just might the best in the West for 2019. A jaw-dropper from first click, this family-sized residence, held since draftsman designed and built in 1956 with nary a change (well, nothing that matters anyway) is a stunning example of all which we thought was lost to WA insofar as older, MCM homes of unsure origin goes. This one remains steadfast, proud and punchy. And though at the precipice of danger where any builder-cum-self-styled-designer might see fit to slather the floor with high gloss tile, paint the entire thing rail-white and replace that gorgeous balustrade and windows with tinted glazing (*retch*) or simply knock it completely, we’d like to hope that the character and sheer heroism of this one can pull through, find an owner who will look after it with a gentle, inspired hand and carry on as a local Mid-Century Modern landmark of brilliance and virtue.