An intriguing offering tonight in Tasmania. From the hand of the man who is claimed to have brought Modernist architecture to the Apple Isle, Esmond Dorney (not least sampled via his own wonderful residence in Hobart, now owned by the local council and which you can hire for any variation of funtimes) is this c.1971 home in the premier suburb of said same southernmost capital. This stuanch, rectangular 2-storey structure of alternating glass and cement brick with paneling finishing every surface internally (did they not enjoy exposed brick indoors we wonder?) it seems pretty close to original intention (though that paint and glass balustrade is a bit ….hmmmmm) and it is testament to the progressiveness of this design that the bathroom, thought completely era-specific also, looks somewhat old fashioned in comparison to the rest (though not as old fashioned as the studio cottage which transports one back to the olde timey darkness of colonial days – brrrrrr.)