A startling residence siting astride its own mini-kingdom in the Adelaide Hills, as if Walter Gropius himself walked the gum dotted hills 90 years ago and decided this was the place for one of his white Internationalist designs, though the interiors are more in keeping with the actual era of its build (c.1977) with a soaring mezzanine master bedroom, timber lined ceilings, cork flooring and white square mosaic tile bathroom. Both incredibly elegant, intact and appealing this this one-of-a-kind late Modernist residence by architect Geof Nairn is disappointingly (though sadly not surprisingly) not getting the star treatment it deserves in the sales pitch, with who knows what nasty ‘plans’ the agent wants to flog. Ignore them. Be your own baron in a Euro-casa among the vines. Don your straw fedora, set up a long lunch table al fresco under the pergola and damn all those who would see this wonderful set-up gone.