About Us

Having grown up in a classic 1970 McGlashan Everist house in the suburbs, Modernism was always in our blood.

From auspicious beginnings grew various obsessions: Environmental Architecture, retro graphics, Bossa Nova music, sunken lounge rooms, crazy paving, indoor stone fireplaces, fibro beach houses, shag pile-rugs, geometric textiles, Scandinavian furniture, the 70s craft movement, Heath ceramic tiles, the list continues…

More recently we have become dismayed at the simple beauty of these comfortable, sustainable homes being bulldozed or unrecognisably reconfigured. Often being replaced with overbearing statements of Faux-Georgian or Nu-Victoriana.

It is time for action.

We welcome all designers, architects, homeowners and hunters, artists, purveyors of mid-century ephemera, and most importantly anyone who simply appreciates this era and Modernist design and who would like to know more.

We want to raise the profile of Mid-Century design and Modernist principles.

We want to see the integrity of these buildings in the suburbs, country and the coast acknowledged and preserved.

We want you to be a part of it.

Contact us: info@archivesmodaustralia.com